Windrush: Portrait of a Generation

A photo-essay by Jim Grover

As part of this project, the photographer recorded conversations with many of his subjects.  11 ‘Personal Stories’ supplement the exhibition; each story is illustrated with images, including some from their own 'family albums'.

These stories are available to read in the exhibition gallery.  The stories are also included in the second edition of the accompanying book. As an example, Alford’s story is here, and Hermine’s story is here.


Alford's story

'The last 70 years? It was supposed to be tough...but I never had tough times. I've lived a brilliant life here'


Anne's story

'Monday at Stockwell Good Neighbours is the best part of the week for all my bingo...have a laugh'.


Bucky's story

'If I enjoy the music I am rocking in my chair. Our generation...we're rocking our bodies in our chairs. When there is a party, I am always there.'


Diane's story

'I wanted to do mum's funeral just right...I wanted her to go in style. Our thinking is 'let's not be sad...let's send them off in glory''


Hermine's story

'On the wharf in Kingston in 1959 I met Lester. We had 2 weeks on the ship. I guess it was love at first sight...we were still together in 2011 when he died'


Monica's story

'Every morning when I wake up...the first thing I do before I get out of bed is I say my prayers. I start with 'Our Father' and then my personal prayers.'


Neil's story

'The service on Windrush Square is an example of how we are gradually bringing realisation that West Indians were here serving their country and still do.'


Peter's story

'The next generation just won't feel connected with Jamaica in the same way...they won't have the connection with the traditions and culture.'


Trevor's story

'Dominoes is an exciting have to think and concentrate. But it's also about being together and socialising with friends.'


Richard's story

'At 96 my life is in thirds...a third in Jamaica...two-thirds here. Do I feel Jamaican? Well I was born in Jamaica...but the Jamaican part has long gone.'


Ruby's story

'I was born with malaria...everybody in my parish died with my grandmother sold the cow and sent me over here to see if I could get a cure'