Windrush: Portrait of a Generation

A photo-essay by Jim Grover


I am indebted to all of you.  For your trust, for your hospitality, for your many kindnesses; for welcoming me into your lives; for sharing your stories; and for encouraging, advising and inspiring me.  And for giving me such pleasure.

Without you, this story, your story, could not have been told:

Lesley Allen
Peter ‘Bucky’ Allen
Diane and all of the Bailey family
Simone Blackstock
Monica and Soney Blair
Marcia Da Costa
Anne and Julie Daley
Vianie Elliott
Neil Flanagan MBE
Alford and Howard Gardner
Hermine and all of the Grocia family
Revd. Kit Gunasekera
Dr Elizabeth Henry
Terry Humphrey
Michael Jacques
Revd. Rosemarie Mallett
Vince McBean
Lorraine Mitchell
Trevor and Patricia Neil
Ruby Powell
Elaine Roberts
Alwyn Stewart
Wendy Thompson
Richard Watson
Sharon Watson
Peter, Eric, Steve and all of the Williams family

All those who play dominoes at 161-167 Clapham Manor Street
All the Stockwell Good Neighbours
All those who worship in St. James’s Church, Clapham
All the members of the dominoes clubs in Bedford, Clapham, Clapton, Croydon, and Wandsworth